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Why should you buy Spotify Plays / Streams?

The first reason you should purchase Spotify plays is because this platform is growing like wildfire! Spotify has consistently improved its music sharing capabilities and usability year after year making it the best platform for discovering new music which is great for you! Spotify is a fantastic place to get noticed compared to places like Youtube that are controlled by the giant music labels. In the United States, 58 million people use Spotify which equates to 20 percent of internet users. With over 40,000 new tracks being added everyday and over 30 million songs on Spotify artists need to have an advantage that helps them stand out from the crowd compared to their competition. That is where we come in to give you quality Spotify promotion that will help you grow and constantly get more exposure. We will help you get your music seen by the right people.

The next reason to buy Spotify streams is Spotify is controlled by an algorithm. That means if you can increase your statistics (more plays, streams, followers) on your own you are rewarded by the algorithm and you can rank higher in the search results attracting people naturally to your music. Also there is a human element that you want to take advantage of. If you see a music track with 10 plays and then you see one with 2500 plays which one would you actually want to listen to without any other information? Of course the one with 2500. We assume that it is better just based on the external statistics. We live in a social world and when you see a track with 3 million plays that says something on a subconscious level. It saying this music must be great to have that many plays. Everyone wants to listen to popular music. Many artists have experience phenomenal success with our Spotify promotion. This platform gives independent musicians the opportunity to get their music noticed, and we are the secret sauce that helps them really grow compared to their competition. If you have any questions please visit the contact us page.

Why should you buy Spotify Followers?

Buying Spotify followers is an important component of every Spotify campaign. Like we said earlier people judge you strictly based on the amount of followers you have. That is why we give you that jump start so you don’t have to start with zero or just a few. Imagine someone looking at your profile and you only have 5 followers compared to 1200. You can see the drastic difference that has just from the way that we are conditioned. Your reputation as an artist on Spotify is impacted by the number of Followers that you have. Driving more followers to your music improves your image and can help you get your songs featured on popular playlists.

How to order?

Ordering is very easy on our website. Just take a look at the form at the top of this page. You can select a variety of packages from the drop down menus. Select the desired package from the drop down menu on the order form then enter your Spotify URL. You will see your total displayed so you know exactly what the cost is. Then you will be directed to PayPal to make your payment. After you make payment, we will receive your order information.  We start orders as received and most orders are completed within a few hours but larger orders can take 24-48 hours or more depending on what your order. If you have any questions, please visit the contact us page.